Wind down with a book

Wind down with a book


One of my absolute favorite ways to wind down is by reading. I have always loved reading, but since I became a mom for 3,8 years ago I have rarely finished one book!! I have 7 new books! Seriously, when am I going to read them?! I have told myself that this summer holiday I need to finish at least one book.

I used to make excuses for being too tired, or not having enough time, but it doesn’t matter. I just started last month with a new book, and some days I only read two pages and that’s okay! As long as I remember to read, and reading makes me feel good.

Think about it, you stimulate your brain which is extremely important to keep several diseases away like Alzheimers and Dementia. It also reduces stress! The list is so long of all the benefits of reading. So go and grab a book!

At the moment I’m reading “New York” by Edward Rutherford


What’s your favorite book?





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