Hello, beautiful people!

I hope you have had a wonderful summertime!

Can you believe that summer is almost over? I feel like it passed by way too fast, but isn’t it like that with the things we enjoy the most? 

Well, here at home we needed a getaway to somewhere sunny. The weather here in Denmark wasn’t at its best! So I bought us tickets to Tunisia for 12 days. My son is a fan of traveling to Tunisia. He loves the warm summer days, and he also loves to get to see the family, especially as we are a very small family here in Denmark.

Travelling with my son alone was such a lovely experience and fun at the same time. There’s nothing better than getting to spend time alone with your child/children and to see all the fun they have. He was allowed to stay up late, and eat ice cream almost every day ;). We went to the beach a few time (I hoped for more, unfortunately not this time). The beach was his happy place! And all the things we talked about!!

But the days passed by way too fast! But I cherished our moments.

Have you been anywhere this summer? Or did you stay at home?

Either way, I hope you have had a great summer!


Much love



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