Nature – my medication

Nature – my medication

If there’s one place I feel whole, that’s when I’m in nature. The peace of mind, the clarity and the fresh air. There are a huge forest and a lake not so far away from where we live (about 10 km). Every once in while we drive up there and go for a walk around the lake, instantly I feel more clear in my mind, and my body feels energized. 

The city stresses me, even though in my younger years I dreamed of living in a big city. Not anymore. Living close to nature is my happy place.

If you ever feel like you’re tired, exhausted or drained of energy, try to drive, walk or bike to somewhere green. Bring a book along or a journal, and just relax. I promise you, you will instantly feel so much better! Nature is our medication, and we really should use Her more often.

I hope you’ll have a beautiful day!

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