Hitting the end of the year

Hitting the end of the year


I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. Our Christmas days were very calm, except on Christmas Eve day. The morning was quite stressful as we had to rearrange our dinner to lunch as my husband had to work in the evening. But after the storm, it was cozy and fun! We spent the following days watching Christmas movies, and doing nothing, it has somehow become our tradition.

On another note, I can’t believe Christmas is over and it’s New Years at the end of the week. It’s seriously crazy how time flies!!!  I know I have written it before, but don’t you also think that time flies by? I have actually been thinking about what has happened throughout the year, and one of my biggest achievements are on the personal note. We tend to focus a lot on the outside and usually end with forgetting how the inside is doing. This year I have worked a lot on becoming the best version of myself, I started with the inside. I have sought so much knowledge and spent so much time to on my own to find and work with what makes me happy and a better version of who I am. Because when you start from the inside it’s easier to work on the outside. It’s like if you want beautiful skin, it doesn’t help to only cleanse and moisture your skin, while you eat lots of junk, you also need to eat well and drink plenty of water and to exercise, to achieve a healthy glow etc. It’s so important that we spend time and listen to what’s going on on the inside. Allow yourself to feel, and to find who you really are. The authentic you. Another important thing I have learned this year, it is that your time is the most precious you have ( well your kiddos as well!). You will never have it again. Spend it wisely. Spend it being who you are, being with those who cares about you and vice versa.

What’s the point of life if we can’t be who we are? So allow yourself to breathe! Spend time on your own with no electronics. Allow to listen to your thoughts and what’s going on inside of you. I know we all live busy lives; work, kids, school etc. BUT, no matter what you should always make yourself a priority! Do what makes you feeling good about yourself. Remember, your alone time is so so important.

As many of us at this time of the year set so many goals and new year resolutions, and for many very often doesn’t succeed, why not start with tiny goals (baby steps) and when you have achieved them (yay!!), then you set another small goal and continue. Through that way, you will see more success ( and a happier you!) than setting a bunch of big goals, and they end up with being way too much work. We all need to learn how to crawl before we can walk, we fall many times, but we rise every time. So believe in yourself! That’s all that you need.

I hope you will have a wonderful week, and I also hope you will have an incredible New Years. I wish for you all, peace (inner and outer), love, happiness, and success. Keep believing in yourself. Be the best version of who YOU ARE!

I have SO MUCH coming in 2017!! I’m so excited to share it with you!

So much love and lots of positive energy

Xo Fatma



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