Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!


Happy Monday beautiful people!

I want to wish you a very happy new year! I hope you have had a wonderful evening/night with your loved ones.

It’s a new year, a brand new fresh start. Have you sat some goals for the new year? Or do you continue where you left?

This year I have written small steps, which leads to the big ones, that’s a lot easier to work with.

Setting new goals can be easy, but making them happen can be hard. I have 10 ideas for you on how you become a better version of yourself. It’s important to start from within, so it can be easier to work with your goals.

I live by all 10 of them, and I personally believe that they have made my life much better! 

1. Clear your mind. Quit all the negativity in your life ( I know it can be very hard!!) but you will feel much better when you have cleared it out. Leave negative relationships, friendships, environments, and especially thinking negative thoughts of yourself! Quit it! YOU’RE AMAZING!!! Period.

2. Don’t compete or compare!!!! Just DO NOT! There’s nothing that I dislike more than when people compare themselves to others or compete with others. Yes, yes, I know it happens sometimes, but when you find yourself doing it, shift your focus to yourself! Seriously, why don’t you just focus on your own thing, on yourself? It will lead you to nowhere than a negative box. If you see someone doing well, use it as inspiration and motivation. Turn it into something positive. You will feel a lot better, I promise! Focus on yourself, focus on what YOU want and what you can do to get better. Compete with YOURSELF! Are you doing what needs to be done to become a better version of yourself, to reach your goals etc.?The sooner you drop the comparison/ compete thing, the better you will feel. We are all different, no matter what, we ARE different. 

3. REMEMBER your me-time! Yup, it is soooooo important!! We live such a busy life, that we forget all about ourselves. But to be able to be productive and be there for your family and friends, you also need to take care of yourself. Do whatever makes YOU happy! Whether it’s 15 min every night, or 2 hours once a week, or a whole day once a month. It’s your choice! As long as you remember yourself! I love giving myself a manicure once a week with a facial (at home), I love it and can’t live without! I feel I’m complete when I do those things. So remember it! 

4.So if you are not doing this, now is your time. DRINK MORE WATER! Yes, I know you have heard it before 1 billion times, but it’s so important! You will get rid of the toxins in your body, you will hydrate your organs (which is VERY important), you will feel less fatigue, your skin will look better etc!. Leave a bottle or glass on your nightstand so it’s the first thing you grab when you wake up. And remember to drink a glass before you go to bed, and of course throughout the day. Stir in a teaspoon of chia seeds, or squeeze some lemon juice. It’s so good!!!! 

5. Write. If you have way too many things to remember and they stress you out, write them down. Then you have better control over them. And try to take one day at a time. 

6. Believe. A word I live by! Believe in yourself, in your children, in your best friend. Believe in your dreams. Believe in your vision. Don’t ever stop believing!!! Believe so bad in yourself!!! People will always have an opinion, but that doesn’t matter. So BELIEVE!!! 

7. Don’t waste your time with people you don’t vibe with! Yes! Just stop it! Your time is way too precious than to spend it with people you don’t really vibe with. The past year I have worked a lot on feeling the vibes. If you are not comfortable or have the feeling to be yourself, don’t be with those people. You should feel loved, comfortable and just be able to be yourself and to express yourself! Anything else – leave it! 

8. Love! Yes! Love yourself! Love the heck out of yourself!! If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect others to love you??! You are wonderful the way you are! When you love yourself then the right love will find you, and your surroundings will start to be more positive and loving. 

9. Read! Enlighten yourself! Reading NEVER gets old! Read to grow, and learn new things about history, or whatever!. Read to stimulate your mind and to relax. I have always loved reading! It’s my favorite way to relax. This holiday I got to finish a 600 pages book! Yay!!! I needed to relax on that level, and I’m telling you I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Read for each other, read with or for your children, it is such a powerful thing!

10. Keep a positive mindset! Every day. Train your mind to think positive thoughts. Before you go to bed think about the good that has happened that day, when you wake up try to think positive of the day. The more positivity, the better your days will be!


I hope you will have a wonderful week!

Much love


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  1. Awesome advice !! Thank you!! So grateful that we have met!

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