Fall has arrived!

Fall has arrived!

Hello, beautiful people!

The fresh and breezy wind that hits your skin in the morning – oh how I love fall! It makes me feel awake and so refreshed. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is, actually to open a window in my living room and inhale the fresh air. It wakes me up better than coffee. Fall is my favorite season, of course, each season and its charm, but Fall got something special which makes me love it more than the other seasons. The chilly weather, the long walks in the woods, sweaters, pumpkins, beautiful leaves, hot tea… What’s not to love about Fall?! Even my four-year son loves Fall. For a few weeks ago he collected a couple of pinecones, just for me. It was so sweet when he came up to me and said: “Mom look, I have something for you.!” He as well loves pumpkins, so we have got us a big beautiful pumpkin standing in our hallway. And we have already baked pumpkin muffins and made pumpkin soup. Yum!

The beauty Fall carries is something out of this world. For me though ;). All the beautiful colors, they literally make me SO happy! I hear so many people complain about how cold it is and blah blah blah, but they forget to look around and see how beautiful mother nature can be. It bursts with so much beauty. For me, a walk around a lake or in the woods is the perfect therapy.


So, enjoy this wonderful and absolutely beautiful season!  Don’t forget to cozy up with a hot cup of tea, a blanket and a good book. Have kids? Get outside and collect beautiful leaves or pinecones. Enjoy the fresh air. Pause and enjoy what’s around you, and don’t take it for granted. There is so much beauty around us.


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