Christmas panic?!

Hello, beautiful people!

I can not believe we are halfway through December! Seriously, how is it possible that Christmas is just 8 days away??!!! *panic* So far this month has been a bit hectic, I have many exams, and the flu just decided to kick me in the midst of everything… Not a good time. Not to talk about haven’t bought ANY Christmas presents yet! Luckily, I just need to buy for a few this year.

Last weekend we got our Christmas tree, it’s so beautiful! Here is a little funny story; seriously, it was like love at first sight! The tree was standing in the middle of all trees, it was like it was waiting just for me to pick it up. I didn’t want to look around, I just knew it was the perfect tree for us. We haven’t had a real tree in years (5 years!), but our son kept begging for a big tree, so of course, we had to have one this year. All the decorations around the house add something so special. It’s so cozy! 

I hope you are not stressing too much, because it is the most wonderful time of the year, so try to enjoy this time. Honestly, when I look around people are stressing so much about buying presents, that it makes me think where did the spirit of Christmas go? Suddenly, it’s all about presents, and rarely see anybody smiling because they are stressed out. Is it just me who have been noticing it? Or anyone else?? 

Remember to slow it down, enjoy what’s and who’s around you because that’s all which truly matters. Enjoy this wonderful time.  

I hope you will have a wonderful weekend! I have planned for us this weekend to bake lots of Christmas cookies and peppermint barks :), we are so looking forward to that!. Do you like baking in the Christmas time? Or preferer to buy everything ready? 

Much love and lots of positive energy your way!

Xo, Fatma 

P’s: I’m having major issues with adding pictures to the blog! I’m working on getting it fixed. 

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